Reading Comprehension: Sample Papers

Click on the text in blue and view more sample papers for Reading-Paper 2 (Also view thw CIE Examiner Report of 2012 at the website) Sample 1 1123_y11_sin_2 1123_y11_sm_2 1123_y11_sp_2 Sample 2 1123_s12_in_22 1123_s12_ms_22 1123_s12_qp_22 Do not for get to view the posts on the ‘Tips of CIE Examiners for Paper 2′ ,’Format of summary writing’,,‘Examples […]

Worried about English Paper 2? Read what CIE Examiners have to offer.

 Reading (Paper 2)- 50 marks I hour 45 mins  These tips contain useful advice and highlight some common mistakes made by students.They are collected under exam question sub-headings to help you focus on what is expected for Reading paper.  Paper 2 Section 1- 25 marks • Though this question is called Summary it is not […]

Revision Guide for O-Level Students

Check list designed by  CIE examiners for the preparation of O-Level English Language subject code-1123 Checklist – tick if against the column you have worked on something similar Skill: All students should be able to: Those taking the Extended examination should also be able to Ways in which the skills might be practised (appropriate contexts Reading.Locating specificinformation asquickly as possible =Skimming Read […]


TAKING THE EXAM THIS YEAR? Some tips for reading comprehension. When you are doing comprehension questions avoid lifting and try to use your own words. Read the question carefully along with its marking scheme. Be very sure that you have understood how many points are required for the answer. If the marking scheme refers to […]