Directed Writing: Format of a Newspaper Report

To begin with ‘Newspaper reports’ must have a Headline. Headlines are a kind of summary in note form, leaving out unnecessary words. Their aim is to attract reader interest in the minimum amount of space and indicate the attitude the report will adopt. Headlines tend to be: consist of a maximum of six words contain […]

Report Writing Format: A detailed answer

  What is the format to write a report? Generally short formal reports begin as: FROM:_________________ TO:___________________ DATE:___________________ SUBJECT:________________ Is the format to write a report in O-Level examination similar? The answer is the same, no specific format is followed. Suggested Format on Report writing for O-Level Students 1. However, O Level teachers need to […]

Revision Guide for O-Level Students

Check list designed by  CIE examiners for the preparation of O-Level English Language subject code-1123 Checklist – tick if against the column you have worked on something similar Skill: All students should be able to: Those taking the Extended examination should also be able to Ways in which the skills might be practised (appropriate contexts Reading.Locating specificinformation asquickly as possible =Skimming Read […]