CIE’s requirement regarding a Newspaper Report: An Example

Rescuers find trapped student caver alive Eight Swiss potholers trapped in a cave in eastern France by rising water were found alive yesterday. Rescue teams were preparing to work through the night to bring them to the surface. Known as Bief-du-Paraud, the cave, which runs for 415 yards but only about 20 feet below the […]

Directed Writing: Speech Writing (Format)

‘Good morning, good morning, everyone, and welcome to our regular lecture on health issues. I am Ms Diana Greenbaum, a Dietian by profession. It is a pleasure to be here. As you all know that this series of lectures is organized by the Students’ Union and is part of the union’s attempt to help you, […]

Directed Writing: Format of Speech Writing

Directed Writing: Format on Speech Writing. Speeches are to inform, share, support or persuade your audience on certain topics/topic given to you in section 1- directed writing. Beware that you have to write exactly how you speak before your audience. In  fact, it is the easiest in its writing style. Start with opening your speech […]

Examiner Report June 2012

Click on the text in blue and read the examiner report for June  2012, O-level English Language paper 1123 Examiner Report June 2012 Source:

Directed Writing: Topics for practice on Letter Writing

Task 1 Your  Principal has received a following letter: Dear Sir As I walking near your school during lesson time, I saw a student in uniform arguing with a man. Some papers changed hands. As I approached, they both ran off and one of them dropped a wallet. This item I am returning. In it […]

School Magazine Article: A Specimen from CIE

This is a sample school magazine article written by a candidate in response to a question in CIE O-level paper. Check out the way this student has effectively used the “we” pronoun that thereby shows his understanding of its usage for a particular  audience. He has also been very careful in choosing the right vocabulary […]

Directed Writing: Format of a School Magazine Article

Format of a School Magazine Article News about school clubs and societies, school trips both at home and abroad, exchange visits with language students, exam results and original contributions written by students of all ages. It is written by students for students – that is people of about the same age as you and with almost […]