Useful websites for O – Level students

Useful Websites The websites listed below are useful resources to help you study for your GCE/GCSE/IGCSE First Language English.  Is free sample from Q&A Resources. It is taken from a 30+-page Study Guide, specifically tailored to CIE First Language English, available for purchase.  Is the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Online. It is […]

Revision Guide for O-Level Students

Check list designed by  CIE examiners for the preparation of O-Level English Language subject code-1123 Checklist – tick if against the column you have worked on something similar Skill: All students should be able to: Those taking the Extended examination should also be able to Ways in which the skills might be practised (appropriate contexts Reading.Locating specificinformation asquickly as possible =Skimming Read […]

O – Level English Language (1123) – Syllabus for 2012-2014

Here is a complete syllabus  for   GCE-,O-Level English Language, subject code 1123,Cambridge International Examination session 2012,2013 and 2014:  Paper 1(Writing) and Paper 2(Reading)  Check the PDF Files for more information.( See more on ‘Sample Papers and Examination’ guide for O-Level Students,   next in this category)  1123_y12_sy 1123_y13_sy (1) 1123_y14_sy  

Fresh resource for teachers on Summary Writing

Check-list for Descriptive Essay -Section 2

Students should use this grid to assess how far the writer has fulfilled the demand of acquiring an ‘A” Grade in Paper 1, Descriptive Essay (section 2) There are some points given in the table to give you an idea what examiners really look for while checking a descriptive essay. Note: Now go through the MARKING SCHEME FOR […]