Quick tips for Letter Writing

  • If you do not know the person you are writing to,then?

Such letters are formal or an official letters in nature that begin with Dear Sir/Sirs where the sender does not (personally) know the person who he is writing to, or he/she is unaware of the recipient’s name. In such examples always end your letter signing off with ‘Yours faithfully’

  • Writing a formal letter but you know the person.

When you know a person use titles in your salutation, for example, Dear Mr Roger/Ms Park or Dr. Ami.  This is done when you write a formal letter to someone you (formally) know or whose name you are given by the examiner. Use this kind of salutation for people you don’t know very well or where you need to show respect. Such letters are very commonly asked in O-level examination for instance,where students have to write a formal letter to a principal and such letters can begin in this way to show respect to his/her principal. These type of letters always end with ‘Kind regards’ or ‘Yours sincerely’.

  • What is the case in informal letters?

Write Dear Mary/Ishaq e.t.c when you know the person quite well. Such salutations are used in informal letters to a friend or a relative. In business letters this is sometimes acceptable, if in doubt, use the family name. End writing ‘Kind regards’ or ‘Best wishes’ or even as ’Lots of love’.

Source: Cambridge books for Cambridge Examination.

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