Example of Summary Writing with CIE Examiner’s Assessment.

Read the passage below and write the content points on ‘The Problems’ faced by the small farmers in the developing countries and the ‘Ways they are being helped’ to overcome the problems. Then make use of the content points are write summary of 160 words about the problems and the ways they are tackled. Paying […]

Past Papers: 2011, 2012

Writing Paper 2012 1123_s12_ms_12 1123_s12_qp_11 1123_s12_qp_12 Reading Paper 2012 1123_s12_in_21 1123_s12_ms_21 1123_s12_qp_21 Writing Paper 2011 1123_s11_sp_11 1123_s12_ms_11 1123_y11_sm_1 1123_y11_sp_1 Reading Paper 2011 1123_s11_si_21 1123_s11_sm_21 1123_s11_sp_21 Source :www.cie.org.uk

Syllabus changes O level English teachers ought to know

Some changes since 2011 are made in the syllabus teachers ought to know  Paper 1-Writing Paper 1:30 One and Half Hours are allocated to Paper 1, that is the Writing Paper and it carries  60 MARKS. It is divided into two sections. The first section is based on Directed Writing wherein the candidates will be given a Task. This […]

Last minute exam tips by CIE Examiners!!

General tips for English Language Paper (1123 and 0500) exam papers Do not write rough drafts. You cannot afford the time to write out every answer twice, and it is neither required nor desirable that you should do so; plans are sufficient. • Take two different coloured highlighters into the exam. You need to annotate […]

Revision Guide for O-Level Students

Check list designed by  CIE examiners for the preparation of O-Level English Language subject code-1123 Checklist – tick if against the column you have worked on something similar Skill: All students should be able to: Those taking the Extended examination should also be able to Ways in which the skills might be practised (appropriate contexts Reading.Locating specificinformation asquickly as possible =Skimming Read […]

Fresh resource for teachers on Summary Writing

Check-list for Descriptive Essay -Section 2

Students should use this grid to assess how far the writer has fulfilled the demand of acquiring an ‘A” Grade in Paper 1, Descriptive Essay (section 2) There are some points given in the table to give you an idea what examiners really look for while checking a descriptive essay. Note: Now go through the MARKING SCHEME FOR […]