May/June 2012 Examination Paper and Examiner Report

May/June Examination Paper and Examiner Report


Examination paper May/June 2012

Examination paper May/June 2012





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October/November 2012 Paper

examination paper

  Oct/t/Nov 2012 Papers 1123_w12_er 1123_w12_in_21 1123_w12_in_22 1123_w12_ms_11 1123_w12_ms_12 1123_w12_ms_21 1123_w12_qp_11 1123_w12_qp_12 1123_w12_qp_21 1123_w12_qp_22 Source: … [Continue reading]

Format for writing a Newspaper Article

Newspaper article are included in Paper 1, Section 1-Directed Writing for O-level English Language Paper. It carries 30 marks and the word count must be restricted to 300 words. Format of a Newspaper Article  Heading: A very catchy headline … [Continue reading]

Newspaper Article

Newspaper Article Newspaper article is included in Paper 1, Section 1-Directed Writing for O-level English Language Paper. It carries 30 marks and the word count is restricted to 300 words. 1.      These should not be confused with … [Continue reading]

More about Descriptive Essay writing.

   Descriptive Essay. In writing a descriptive essay, a writer is like a painter. A painter uses a different medium such as canvases, colours and imagination to sketch his description, a writer chooses sentences to present an accurate copy … [Continue reading]

More on Narrative and Descriptive Essay Writing

Descriptive Writing Narrative Writing 1. It appeals to the senses (five senses) of the reader concentrating primarily on the things (nouns). It also appeals to the senses of the reader through focusing on things (nouns) and actions (verbs). 2. A … [Continue reading]

Improve your Sentence Structure

In O-level English Language paper, students must be aware of some common errors in sentence structure formation especially while using punctuation marks. Lack of this awareness results in sentence fragmentation and run-together errors. Here are some … [Continue reading]

Tips for 500-word Essays

500-words Essay writing tips In O-level English paper 1, Composition section students are required to write a 500 words essay. Now writing a 500 word essay would seem a difficult task for students who lack practice and are not very well versed in … [Continue reading]

Argumentative Essay

  What are argumentative essays? In such essays the candidate is expected to agree or disagree on a certain point. He/she should be very clear about which points are to be convincingly argued. There should be enough facts and examples to … [Continue reading]

Important tips to write friendly/informal letters

What are friendly/informal letters? (also see my post on 'words, phrases and sentences for friendly/informal letters') informal/friendly letters are written to discuss possibilities regarding annual holidays. writing to friends and relatives … [Continue reading]